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Rabbi Ben-Zion Lanxner

Rabbi Ben-Zion Lanxner was born in Tel-Aviv, Israel.  He than moved to Antwerp and Brussels, Belgium, where he was reared in a Chassidic Orthodox environment, since his family was from the Belz Chassidic Lineage.

At a very young age, he began his training in the Eastern European Traditional Yeshiva and Cantorial School.  Later, he studied at the Rambam Talmudic School and the Wilrijch Chassidic Yeshiva in Antwerp.

Rabbi Lanxner, who from childhood was endowed with a pleasant and powerful voice, started his career as a soloist in the Great Orthodox Synagogue in Brussels at the age of seven, where he often sang duets during the Yamim Noraim with the famous Cantor Bergman, an Israeli guest cantor.  At age 16, Rabbi Lanxner officiated as guest cantor in the Great Orthodox Synagogue in Brussels.

Rabbi Lanxner studied hazzanut with the world renowned Cantor Yehoshuah Lerer, a prodigy from the school of Cantor-Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Rivlin in Jerusalem.

Rabbi Lanxner obtained his rabbinical ordination (s’micha) from the Rabbinic Centre and Beit Din in Brussels, Belgium, and served his first congregation as the Rabbi/Hazzan of the Orthodox Beth Israel Congregation in Brussels, Belgium, for ten years.

His first American position was Tiferet Israel Congregation In Dallas, Texas.  He then served for 16 years as Cantor and Choir and Educational Director at Beth Abraham Hillel Moses Congregation in West Bloomfield, Michigan, and for 13 years as the Rabbi/Hazzan and spiritual leader at Congregation B’nai David, in West Bloomfield, Michigan.

Rabbi Lanxner was also invested as Cantor by the Cantors Assembly of America.

Rabbi Ben-Zion Lanxner is a vibrant and dynamic pulpit rabbi with many years of experience leading congregations, always seeking to develop new and attractive ways to engage the congregants of all ages in the study, practice, and love of Judaism.

Rabbi Ben-Zion is a fan of the inspirational melodies of the late Reb Shlomo Carlebach z”l, and he has led adult and junior choirs and put on and performed in concerts all over the world.  While leading Israel tours, Rabbi Lanxner had the opportunity to lead Carlebach kabbalat shabbat services at the Conservative Agron Synagogue in Jerusalem and at the Mizrachi Synagogue in Nataniya.

Spiritually invested (practicing the ancient Jewish meditation of hit’bodedut/d’veikut of Reb Nachman of Bratzlav z”l) and a follower of kabbalist Rabbi Ginsburgh of Jerusalem, Rabbi Lanxner is deeply involved in kabbalah and Jewish mysticism, giving his d’var Torah on the weekly parsha with insights of kabbalah.

Possessing a sincere dedication to hazzanut, and along with his leadership and interpretation of the liturgy, Rabbi Lanxner promotes a higher level of spiritual inspiration amongst the members of Congregation Agudath Jacob, while attracting the interest of new members.

Rabbi Lanxner is a member of the Rabbinical and the Cantors Assembly of America and of OHALAH, the Association of Rabbis for Jewish Renewal.

Rabbi Lanxner plays the guitar and is fluent in many languages: Hebrew, English, French, and Yiddish. His favorite hobbies are oil painting, reading, composing, tennis, and cooking. Rabbi Lanxner has two children, Jennifer (Michigan) and David (Florida), and six grand children.

Rabbi Lanxner is married to his wife Susan, who holds a Master Degree in Jewish Education from the University of Judaism (Los Angeles, CA) and is a popular bar/bat mitzvah teacher.    

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